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What we do

If someone is adopted adoptive parents receive a stack of paper along with lots of information such as: Sex, expected birth date, find date, find location (town or village name), find place (like the entrance of a clinic) and province. Any externally visible abnormalities (eg cleft palate), if there is a note left behind and if so, what was on it.

We have a website for China which is free to view (click on the Chinese flag on top of the homepage) This site only mentions the date and place (the town or village name) where the child is left, nothing more.

If children (for example you from the Netherlands) report to me (Mario) you must provide as much information possible. Parents, brother or sister in China can react when they see a date and location (town or village) where the child is left and they think it concerns a family member. Again, people in China can only see date and place, nothing more. My thought is that someone never forgets the date and place where he/she left his/her child.

If the family sends a reply I have Cathy translate it into Dutch so we can compare all data. And when most of the data is correct then I will organize a D.N.A. test to make sure that we have a match.

The adopted child and their adoptive parents must pay the costs of D.N.A. testing in the Netherlands (the child) and China (parents, siblings) plus postage. A D.N.A. test costs 150.00 in the Netherlands but in China, according to my sources it is a little cheaper. I will inform you in advance about all costs. The reason the adopted child or their adoptive parents must pay for the D.N.A. test costs in China is that the biological parents may not have enough money for such a test.

But maybe you will say: It's highly unlikely that parents in China are active on internet. That's true but in almost all cases, the parents have more kids who probably do use internet.

Besides the D.N.A. test you do not pay for our mediation but if you really meet your biological family, we ask a small financial compensation. And of course, sponsorship is always welcome. That money is used to launch websites in every country where Chinese foundlings are adopted so that in time, in theory, each child may reach his or her biological family.

The data you provide will be visible on the site for as long as you desire or if there is a match. If there is any news you will be informed.

We will, wherever possible promote our Chinese site but we can not guarantee if and when you get a response. It is also possible that your data on the adoption papers are wrong. If so it may be that you will never be able to get a match. Keep this in mind!

As for the actual encounter between children and parents, Cathy and I are just trying to bring people together, for the trip to China, there are specialized organizations that take care of that.

And also very important, perhaps most important: whether you ever find your birth family or not, never forget what your adoptive parents had to do to get you here, take care of you and raise you to the person you are now.

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