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Twee girls who want to be on this list:

Luoyang, Henan Province. 18 October 2000.

Huazhou, Guangdong province. 4 april 2000

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Our own two adopted boys found in:

Dao County, Hunan Province 03 januari 2006

Ruicheng County, Shanxi Province 10 februari 2008

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We are looking for the natural parents of:

Current name: Lian Long Fu de Boer
Gender: Female
Probable date of birth: March 18 1998
Find date: March 23 1998
Find Place: Matouguan, Dongcheng, Xinlou District Longyan City, Fujian Province. Voor de ingang van een tempel tegenover het kindertehuis.

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Date: januari 09 2014

We are searching for more information about a found boy.

Find date: 01-31-2006
City: Hefei
Provence: Anhui

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Date: june 27, 2013

A photo taken 14 years ago shows Chen Jiamin shortly before she was taken by authorities.
Photo courtesy of Chen Huaju

The parents of a baby girl taken away by authorities in the eastern Chinese province of Jiangsu shortly after birth 14 years ago still have no news of her whereabouts, and say she was illegally snatched away.Tang Haixia and her daughter Chen Jiamin were detained by authorities in Jiangsu's Haihe township in 1998, shortly after the baby's father Chen Huaju was sentenced to a year's imprisonment following a street brawl.Tang was mistreated under detention in the township's family planning bureau, and the baby was snatched away from her by the bureau's employee Chen Xiang, the family said.

The family has been petitioning for their daughter's return ever since, Chen Huaju said on Wednesday."The government has told us not to talk about this online, and then they will do their best to help us find our baby," he said. "Their attitude is to make light of what is a really serious issue.""They told us that the child of an unmarried couple has no protection in law, and they want to talk to us about 'conditions'," he said.Chen Xiang, who allegedly took the baby, declined to comment when contacted by RFA."I'm sorry, I don't know about this," he said.However, township women's affairs official Dai Cui, who was present when the baby was taken away, said she had been told a different story at the time."The family planning bureau called me up and said that the baby was the child of the mother's boss, but that the boss had absconded," Dai said."We took her to the orphanage because no one would recognize the child as theirs," she said. "The family planning bureau's research showed that no one would take the child on."

Social pressures

Unmarried births are still surrounded by social stigma and political pressure in China.Last month, an unmarried mother who hit global headlines after her baby was found in a sewage pipe following a secret birth in a toilet initially refused to admit that the child was hers.An official who answered the phone at the Haihe township government offices on Wednesday didn't deny the incident surrounding Chen Jiamin."This affair concerns our leaders," the employee said. "I don't know about it. You should ask our leaders."Calls to the Haihe township family planning bureau went unanswered during office hours on Wednesday, as did calls to the local Dongtai Social Welfare Center, where Chen Jiamin was taken in 1998.Chen Huaju said he had been willing to take on his paternal responsibilities, however."Chen Xiang ... never admitted this, and after that he would avoid me and refuse to speak to me," he said. "And once they had taken her to the orphanage, they wouldn't let us visit her. They said it was the government's rules.""But under Chinese law, the family planning bureau is supposed to issue a public document whenever they take a child anywhere ... they never produced one,"

Chen Huaju added.Reported by Xin Lin for RFA's Mandarin Service. Translated and written in English by Luisetta Mudie.

Date: April 23, 2013

I am looking for the adoptive parents of Gu Cheng Qian, girl, whose finding ad says she was born on April 16, 2004 and found on June 8, 2004 at the home of Mr. Lu Xiande, Tianxi Village, Jiaoxi town, Zhenyuan county, Guizhou province. It this case, Mr. Lu Xiande is actually the Chinese father of the child. The other child is
Gu Cheng Wen, girl, born May 13, 2004 and found June 3, 2004 at the home of Mr. Li Daiwu, Chexi village, Jiaoxi town, Zhenyuan county, Guizhou province. In this case, I believe Mr. Li Daiwu is the cousin to the birth father, Mr. Li Zeji. Both children were probably adopted sometime in 2006-2007.

Here is some background about the 2 girls, as I learned from the original Zhenyuan story translated by Brian and from my recent conversation with the reporter.

Gu Cheng Qian is the daughter of Mr. Lu Xiande and his wife,
Yang Shuiying. She was their 5th child; she has 3 older sisters and one older brother. About a year after her brother was born, her father had a vasectomy but apparently, her mother was already 2 months pregnant with Qian. They live in a remote area, high in the mountains, in a small village of about 5 families. The reporter told me that they are the poorest family in their poor village. Sometime after Qian was taken, Mr. Lu attempted suicide by stabbing himself in the neck. He was saved by a family member. He has since "gone crazy." I asked the reporter if it was the seizure of his daughter that caused the suicide attempt and caused him to go crazy or was he just a bit crazy to begin with. It is her opinion that it was the seizure of his daughter that triggered the suicide attempt and his going crazy. Besides the obvious stress this has had on Mr. Lu and his wife, I realized that there are 4 older siblings. I am sure the above events have virtually destr oyed any semblance of a normal childhood for them.

Gu Cheng Wen is the daughter of Mr. Li Zeji. At the time she was born, Gu Cheng Wen had 2 older sisters. Shortly after Wen was born, her parents went to Zhejiang province to work and took the 2 older girls. The parents left the one month old Wen, with the father's cousin, Mr. Li Daiwu. When Wen was about 1 month old, she was taken by family planning. Meanwhile, in Zhejiang province, Mr. Li had another girl and another boy. Two years after Mr. Li and his family left for Zhejiang province, he returned to Zhenyuan and it was only at this time that he learned about family planning seizing his third daughter.

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We are searching for the biological parents of: Mulan DongYing Reijven

Date of birth: 20-12-2003
Found: 28-12-2003 in Feidong provincie Anhui

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