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I am Mario Bardoel from Oploo, North Brabant in Holland. My wife Sophie and I have a foster son and in June 2007 and January 2010 we adopted two little foundlings, Mike and Justin from China. When I came home in 2007 I decided there should be a possibility to find birth parents. I then made this site and gathered as much information possible of people searching, the way they search en their sometimes succes in finding their birth parents. Since the end of 2012 there is a significant increase in the search possibilities.

Since Sophie and I are not searching for the birthparents of our children I can be completely independent en neutral. Therefore I will spent part of my sparetime to be a platform for adopted children from China and their parents.

This will all be free of charge but I will only act as mediator.
Ofcourse I will be discrete and your information wil be treated confidential.

If you have any questions just press the "contact" button.

There is still the possibilty to join the Chinese search site but the results are uncertain. The chance of reactions from within China are very small. But the choice is ofcourse yours.

More information about us and how we work can be found on the pages Who we are and What we do.

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